Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Best and Worst Christmas Present

Legos were one of my favorite toys.  You can use it to build anything you want.  My friends and I used to make planes, rocket ships, tanks, houses, robots and just about anything else that our little brains could imagine.  What a great toy!

    Legos are possibly the greatest toys ever invented.  With the basic set, every kid can be a virtual millionaire, able to make just about anything they can imagine. 

     Legos existed in the 1960's.  My friend Robbie Raymond and I used to make little tanks and run them into each other to see which one would survive better.  Robbie usually won, but his tanks were build solid to the core.  I used to keep an empty volume in the middle, because that is where the imaginary soldiers would have to sit.  How can you have a tank with no place for army guys to sit?  No matter, Robbie's tanks usually survived better than mine, but in any case it was a challenge to figure out how to make more robust tanks. 

      These days however, times have changed. Now Lego comes in special kits, like this Star Wars Spaceship. 

      This stuff costs more money than the basic set, and it has 3000 parts, and there is only one way for them to go together right, and only one toy for your kid to make, and if you lose any one piece, you're dead.  It takes not hours but weeks to build something this complicated, and then once you have it there is nothing to do with it except buy other kits to go along with it.  This will drive both you and your children completely insane.  This is not Lego, it's actually the Antichrist.  

Part of the problem is that kids have way more toys than they ever did before.  I'll bet if your kids took all the toys and spread them out on the floor, your entire house would be knee deep in toys.  Hence toys with small parts are certain to get dispersed amid this sea of toys, and it is impossible to keep everything sorted out.  I bought  my son some Lego airplanes and trains and regretted it.   They took hours to put together, and despite our best efforts, some pieces got separated from the rest, and are now lost in the Great Void of Small Parts.   In general, anything with small parts is to be avoided, and these Lego kits are the worst of the worst.  

    Hence, my advice is to go with a big bucket of Legos, without any particular theme.  It's about one third of the cost and it will be way more fun in the long run.  

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