Saturday, November 3, 2012

Beavercreek OH--Pass the School Levy!

   I hope that my friends in beautiful Beavercreek Ohio will pass the school levy!  Upon moving back to the Dayton area, we picked Beavercreek as the best place to live because it's not too far from my workplace, and it's a great community close to Wright State and Wright Patterson Air Force Base.  But our community has managed to vote against the last three levies.  According to the Dayton Daily News:  "In the last 18 months and amid three failed levy attempts, the district has made multiple cuts to personnel, programs and services — including eliminating more than 60 positions, cutting multiple academic electives and halving its elementary art, music and physical education classes.  Also, in January, the district eliminated busing for high-schoolers and reduced it for middle-school students."  (see )

     Folks, this is self destructive.  Yes, we hate taxes, but we have to pay for our children to be educated.  Neighborhoods and community depend upon having great schools.  We're talking about the future of our kids, not to mention the value of our homes.  Don't expect to get much for your house if we run the school system into the ground.  I hope that anger with the federal government does not translate to taking it out on our kids.  

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