Sunday, March 13, 2016

Manufactured Cheers, Jeers, Boos and Heckles in Corrupt Campaign 2016

    OK I'm calling it.  Earlier in this primary season in facebook rants I called attention to fake sounding cheers for the Republican establishment and fake boos for Donald Trump.  The debate of February 13 was particularly surreal as the audience wildly cheered for innocuous statements by several candidates and especially Jeb Bush.  To me, it sounded like American Idol type cheering rather than political applause, a kind of "WOOO!" signifying a brilliant artistic triumph rather than a well made political point.  Meanwhile they booed Donald Trump lustily.   Both were completely manufactured, as is all the more evident realizing by now that few voters actually supported Mr. Bush, while support for Mr. Trump ran much deeper than anyone believed. 

     This is not necessarily illegal, just packing the house with supporters of a savvy candidate in attempt to sway TV viewers with booing and cheering in the places that they picked.   

     Any number of commentators, including this one, noticed that the cheers and boos sounded manufactured.  

      Now, just days before the Ohio, Missouri, North Carolina, and Florida primaries, there is an upsurge in violent protest, mainly at Trump primaries.  Am I wrong to think that it looks manufactured?  

      Any PAC with an interest in a brokered convention might seek to tip Ohio to Governor John Kasich's favor by making Trump look bad.  It would be easy to do, by funding left-wing PACs with an interest in disrupting Trump rallies, perhaps with a few helpful suggestions via anonymous helpers. It's very corrupt, but possibly not illegal if done properly.    

    Who would do such a thing?  Despite the obviousness of Bernie Sanders, he probably has other things to worry about, especially since last I heard he is running against Hillary Clinton and not Donald Trump.  I would think that PACs supporting potential "brokered convention candidates" for the Republicans might smile upon such an idea, with a lower probability that someone still in the race might do it.   Let's not mention any names, since this is conjecture. 

      My suspicions are further heightened by ads I have heard in the past 24 hours that are anti-Trump, telling horror stories of his supposedly sordid past, but not advocating some other candidate.  What's the point of that?  
    But we've already had fake boos and cheers in the debates.  It's not much of a leap to imagine that someone is paying for fake heckling as well.  It may not be illegal, but it stinks.  

Is Bernie Sanders paying his followers to attend Trump Rallies and protest?  I doubt it, but someone with an interest in tipping Tuesday's elections might give money to groups interested in heckling.  

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